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Cocoon vs Lull In Depth Comparison

From our experts

  • Construction
  • Durability
  • Cooling
  • Warrenty
  • Back pain
  • Sleep Type
  • Dimension
  • Conclusion


Cocoon Mattresses9.4

Cocoon is an all-foam mattress (classic and chill). These construction details cover both versions since the sole difference is their covers. However, the mattresses come in two firmness options: medium-soft and extra firm.

There’s a slight difference in the construction of the medium-soft and that of the extra firm. While the medium-soft has a transition layer, the extra-firm version does not. Thus, the medium soft is in 3 layers and the firm feel in 2 layers. Their bases are also different, but that will be covered in the details.

Construction Details

Premium-grade Fabric Cover (Classic)

The cover here is made from 100% polyester. This gives it a soft feel and it’s quite breathable for the smooth passage of air if you love to sleep cool. This cover is durable and is a stretch-knit fabric cover.

Phase Change Cover (Chill)

The Chill mattress took a notch upwards for extra coolness with the infusion of a phase change material in its stretch-knit cover. This technology regulates the ambient temperature to keep you cool just when you need it. It’s also cool to the touch and stays fresh for you.

Comfort Layer

Both versions used premium memory foam in their comfort layers. The memory foam used is 2 inches tall. While you get immersed into both mattresses, this memory foam engulfs your whole body, adapts to its shape and size to give you a comfortable sleep all night.

Transition Layer

This layer is present only in the medium-soft option. It’s 2 inches of polyfoam that serves to convey the sleeper from the soft memory foam layer upwards down to the thick support base beneath. This transition allows the mattress to contour the body properly for pressure relief.

Support Core

The Baselayer or core of both mattresses is designed to be sturdy. This is to ensure it serves its purpose of durability and structural stability.

For the extra firm feel option, the base layer is 8 inches of high-density polyfoam which keeps the mattress in shape, and since it’s just beneath the memory foam, it creates the required firmness to support heavyweight sleepers.


The medium-soft option, however, sacrificed 2 inches of its base layer to form a transition layer just above it, making the support base 6 inches of high-density polyfoam. The transition layer limits direct interaction between the comfort layer and the sturdy base keeping things super soft.


Lull Mattresses9.4

The Lull Mattress features a 3 distinct layered construction. Each layer provides a different kind of value to the mattress and all culminates into making it a premium mattress for lasting comfort.


Breathable Cooling Cover

At the top layer of this mattress, there is a breathable cover meticulously handcrafted to ensure a hitch-free air flow process. With constant air flow, this top soothes you in cool comfort. The fabric used here is of high quality and quite durable.

Gel-Coated Memory Foam Layer

On the first layer of this mattress sits a 1.5″ of gel-infused memory foam. This layer does the primal job of minimizing heat in the body by absorption. This in turn facilitates massive air flow for added coolness.

It’s also very soft for prime comfort as it contours your body like it’s bespoke. This layer also contributes to relieving your body off the pressure gained by immersing your entire body weight on it. The pressure mounts at critical points and these are the points where this layer attends to.

Therapeutic Support Transition Foam

In the middle layer of the entire construction is the transition foam. It’s 1.5″ in height and plays the transition role well.

This foam is patented and designed for therapeutic support. It’s quite sturdy yet mild and offers top-notch spine alignment to keep your frame balanced on the bed. It’s therapeutic benefits comes in the alleviation of back pains and other related spine problems.

It also helps in motion isolation – by distributing motion around the mattress so the movement of a partner does not disrupt your sleep. This layer is also a supporting layer and provides the bouncy feeling to add to its versatile functions.


Durable Support Base

At the bottom of the entire construction is a 7″ polyurethane high-density durable base support foam that gives the mattress a solid foundation. It helps the mattress maintain it’s structure and firmness without sagging overtime due to prolonged usage. The durability of this mattress is hinged on this firm foundation. This layer also enforces support for the other layers above it.

Construction Winner is Lull


Cocoon Mattresses9.6

The sturdy support cores/bases of both mattresses create not just a foundation and shape for the mattresses, but makes them resilient and sheer durable. With two years invested in research, hardly will Sealy come up with a product that won’t stand the test of time. That will be a slap on its integrity and years of experience in the industry.

Lull Mattresses9.1

Ensuring durability in this mattress is a 7″ polyurethane foam made with high-quality materials to strengthen the structure of this mattress. This mattress won’t also sag due to pressure since it’s base is sturdy enough. Hence it will last through the ages.

Durability Winner is Cocoon

Cooling and Comfort

Cocoon Mattresses9.5

The cooling technology embedded in the phase change layer of the Chill mattress ensures you sleep cool at all times while enjoying the comfort of a mild cool to the touch surface.

The classic also offers a quality plush and breathable cover that allows massive in-flow of air for a cool sleep.

The memory foam present in their comfort layers is soft and engulfs the body in sublime contouring comfort.

Lull Mattresses9.2

A premium breathable covering at the top of this mattress keeps you cool at all times. It encourages air flow which in turn makes you sleep cool.

The gel-infused layer just beneath is super soft for comfort and breathable as well to add to the coolness of this mattress. As soon as you dive in, it contours your body and absorbs heat away to keep you cozy and cool all night.

Cooling Winner is Cocoon

Back Pain Support

Cocoon Mattresses9.3

The memory foam layer in both mattresses does an impressive job of contouring the body for optimal pressure relief. It distributes the weight of your body evenly around the mattress for back sleepers and reduces pressure immensely.

This memory foam layer also helps to balance the spine for the alleviation of back pains as well as shoulder pains.

Lull Mattresses9.2

The Lull Mattress is concerned with the role of keeping sleepers healthy by providing premium sleeping solutions.

This mattress underscores that commitment with the transition layer in it’s construction providing maximum spine alignment. It’s also therapeutic as it’s cures you of back pains.

This transition layer is designed to limit pressure and align your back in soft yet rigid comfort. Other regions of your body like the neck and shoulder are also covered as well by this layer.

Back Pain Support Winner is Cocoon

Trial and Warrenty

Cocoon Mattresses9.5

Sealy Cocoon gives 100 nights of free trial for every mattress purchased. In the course of the 100 nights or at the 100th night, the customer can return the mattress if he/she is not satisfied with its offerings. Thereafter, a complete refund will be made by the company.

Sealy gives a limited 10-year warranty on its mattresses. For the 10-year period, any defect noticed in the mattress you purchased will be repaired or replaced at no cost. Terms and conditions apply.


Lull Mattresses9.2

To try this mattress and see how it works for you, 100 nights of the trial is given. The belief is that 30 days is never enough to try a new mattress and adapt to it, hence the need for more nights.

If however, you feel you are not getting what you want out of the mattress after the 100 nights trial window, you can return it and get a complete refund of your money.

The return policy is hassle-free, you just make a call and the company sends a truck to convey your mattress free of charge.

There’s a warranty covering every purchase of the Lull Mattress. It’s a 10-year limited warranty. So for the next year’s in your experience with the Lull Mattress, if you notice any defect in the structure, you can return it and get a brand new one. Minor defects can also be reported too and the company will act accordingly.

Terms and conditions however apply here.


Trial and Warrenty Winner is Cocoon

Sleeping Type

Cocoon Mattresses9.5

The cocoon mattress comes in two firmness options: the medium soft (5-6) and the extra firm (8-9).

The medium soft option is best for side sleepers. The softness will allow for medium sinkage and the contouring of their curves for full side support. The medium soft option makes the side sleepers have that in-the-bed feeling as the transition layer allows them to sink in deep for pressure relief.

The extra firm is great for the exclusive back and stomach sleepers. It creates the on-the-bed feeling rather than in-the-bed which is seen in the medium soft version. The firmness is great for stomach sleepers as it limits the deep sinkage of their hips which can be downright discomforting. The firmness also keeps the spine aligned for the comfort of back sleepers.

Lull Mattresses9.2

The Lull Mattress caters for the sleeping needs of all kinds of sleepers. It promises a sweet rest for everyone. Whether you are back sleeper, stomach sleeper or side sleeper, you can enjoy the luxury comfort that this mattress affords.

Sleeping Type Winner is Cocoon


Mattress Name Mattress Size Dimensions W L H Weight
Cocoon Chill and Classic Mattress TWIN 38” x 74.5” x 10” 39.5 Lbs
Cocoon Chill and Classic Mattress TWIN XL 38” x 79.5” x 10” 42.1 Lbs
Cocoon Chill and Classic Mattress Full 54” x 74.5” x 10” 55.7 Lbs
Cocoon Chill and Classic Mattress Queen 60” x 79.5” x 10” 64.4 Lbs
Cocoon Chill and Classic Mattress King 76” x 79.5” x 10” 82.6 Lbs
Cocoon Chill and Classic Mattress King Cal 72” x 83.5” x 10” 82.5 Lbs
CHILL HYBRID MATTRESS TWIN 38” x 74.5” x 10” 53 Lbs
CHILL HYBRID MATTRESS TWIN XL 38” x 79.5” x 10” 56 Lbs
CHILL HYBRID MATTRESS Full 54” x 74.5” x 10” 70 Lbs
CHILL HYBRID MATTRESS Queen 60” x 79.5” x 10” 82 Lbs
CHILL HYBRID MATTRESS King 76” x 79.5” x 10” 106 Lbs
CHILL HYBRID MATTRESS King Cal 72” x 83.5” x 10” 105 Lbs
Lull Mattress TWIN 38” x 75” x 10” 48 Lbs
Lull Mattress TWIN XL 38” x 80” x 10” 52 Lbs
Lull Mattress Full 54” x 75” x 10” 66 Lbs
Lull Mattress Queen 60” x 80” x 10” 77 Lbs
Lull Mattress King 76” x 80” x 10” 96 Lbs
Lull Mattress King Cal 72” x 84” x 10” 94 Lbs


Lull promises a grand sleeping experience with its only mattress. Cocoon has two however, the Classic and Chill mattress, which are both the same but feature different covers.

Lull offers comfort with a breathable cooling cover and a gel-coated memory foam comfort layer. It offers a therapeutic support for the alleviation of back pains and for pressure relief.

But Cocoon proves to be a better brand where comfort sets in from its covers with the use of a premium grade fabric for the Classic and a phase change layer for the Chill. The phase change layer regulates the ambient temperature to keep you cool and warm whenever you need it.

It went further with memory foam layers that crowns the comfort in Cocoon with superior contouring and support for a cozy night rest.

Overall Winner Is Cocoon