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Leesa Mattress Review ()

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Leesa is fast becoming a reliable name thanks to a large range of affordable products. They offer some amazing benefits and are available in multiple sizes. However, a lack of cooling gel can make Leesa mattresses unsuitable for users who live in hot regions.


Offered for mattress

  • Trial Period
  • Warranty Feature
  • Refunds Returns Feature
  • Memory Foam Feature
  • Support Foam Feature
  • CertiPUR-US Certified

Trial & Return Policy


They come with a 100-night trial. You can return the product if you do not like it.

Support & Help


  • E-mail Support Feature
  • Live Chat Support Feature


Hybrid cover

Seamless, white and gray Hybrid cover is soft and looks so great you won't want to cover it with sheets (but we recommend you do!).

Comfort layer

Hole-punched for breathability, responsive foam sleeps cool, with the hug and bounce you want from a mattress.

Memory Foam Recovery layer

Memory foam provides enhanced body contouring, relieving pressure on your back, hips and shoulders.

Quick Responsive layer

,000+ active response pocket springs for durability and stability, with little to no motion transfer & edge support for all body types.

Feel & Body Support

Multilayer construction makes Leesa mattresses highly comfortable. You will wake up feeling fresh and energetic. The special LSA200® microcell structure lets the air escape, thus keeping the mattress cool. However, we wish there was the option to choose firmness.

Information for Hot Sleepers - Cooling Materials

Original Leesa Mattress

With a breathable cover allowing for free air flow, this cover is super cool. A memory foam in the mix provides supreme comfort in body contouring and pressure relief.

To further make this mattress cooler, a top layer of breathable cooling foam is active in providing all the coolness needed for a sleeper to have sweet night rest.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Same coolness and comfort is obtainable from the hybrid. A breathable exclusive cover keeps heat away by allowing all the air it can to go in.

And then a top layer of cooling foam complements this effort while a layer of memory foam provide a bouncy feeling and body contouring effect for sublime comfort.

Leesa Legend Mattress

With the best made cover out of the Leesa mattress series, you can expect nothing short of premium comfort and coolness. A blend of natural and recycled materials gives you the best covering ever. And to augment this effort is a hole-punched foam underneath which is soft and gentle on the body. Lastly, a memory foam is in the mix to hug the sleeper and ease pressure.

Back Support Features

Original Leesa Mattress

The memory foam layer of this mattress is designed to contour the body like clothing as well as relieve pressure off the back and shoulders. It balances the spine in the process and cures back pain.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

On the Hybrid mattress, there’s also a layer of memory foam active in contouring the body and providing support for the back and spine through pressure relief.

Leesa Legend Mattress

Same memory foam works here for pressure relief and body contouring. The inclusion of an advanced system of pocketed coils also help to relieve pressure off the body entirely. Pocketed coils promote spine alignment and are therapeutic for back pains.

Sleeping Positions

All three mattresses come with the same level of firmness – the universally accepted medium-firm position on the firmness scale. This makes the mattresses suitable for every kind of sleeper (Back, stomach or side sleepers).


  • Come with a 10-year warranty
  • Financing is available
  • Most products are offered at a discount
  • Not noisy at all


  • Most products support individuals above 300 pounds
  • You cannot customize the firmness


My husband and I love our Leesa. Best sleep we've gotten in years.